The Nigerian wine market is projected to increase in coming years is worth N47.4 billion a year and provides a profitable market for producers seeking expansion.

Why Exhibit?

Exhibiting at the Nigeria International Wine & Spirit Fair provides;

  • Opportunities to expand your product sales in Nigeria and across West Africa.
  • Meet prospective on-trade & off-trade businesses to push your products.
  • Acquire new importers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers for your products.
  • Increase awareness of your existing products in the Nigeria market.
  • Launch your new products into the Nigerian market.
  • Promote your products to target consumers who will be attending.


Who Should Exhibit?

The Nigeria International Wine & Spirit Fair is open to producers and merchants from all regions across the globe;

  • Wine producers seeking new distribution channels in Nigeria and West Africa.
  • Spirit producers seeking penetration in Nigeria and West Africa.
  • Existing importers wishing to launch new products into the market.
  • Wine and spirit importers seeking distributors and retailers in West Africa.
  • Indigenous wine producers and distilleries seeking distributors in other West African countries.
  • Marketing agents wishing to introduce new brands and products into the market.
  • Wine region travel operators and agents.
  • Wine accessories manufactures and distributors.

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The rising growth and acceptance of wine, spirit and other luxury goods by Nigerians has made the country a the top emerging market in the world.